In April of this year, 193 women and children were victims of torture

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Image of femail abuse

In April of this year, 193 women and girls were victims of torture in various incidents across the country.

This information was disclosed in a report of the Central Legal Aid Sub-Council of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad today, Thursday (May 2) at noon.

According to the report, a total of 193 women and girls were subjected to torture in April 2024. Out of this, 46 people including 35 girls were raped. Among them, 15 people were victims of gang rape. 3 persons were killed after rape and 1 child girl committed suicide due to rape. Also 4 girls were tried to be raped.

Image of child abuse

9 people were sexually assaulted. 2 people were victims of harassment. 33 people including 7 children were killed due to various reasons. Also attempted to kill 1 baby girl. There have been 2 cases of trafficking of women and children. 1 victim of acid burn. 1 person died due to fire. 3 people were tortured due to dowry, out of which 1 person was killed due to dowry. 16 people were victims of physical abuse.

The report also said that there were 4 cases of physical abuse due to family violence. There have been 4 incidents of violence against domestic workers, out of which 1 person has been killed. 15 women and girls died mysteriously. 15 people including 6 baby girls committed suicide. 3 baby girls have been abducted. There was also an attempted abduction of a baby girl. 5 people including 3 daughters are victims of cybercrime incidents. 12 incidents of child marriage have been prevented. Besides, 14 people, including 2 baby girls, were tortured in various ways.

The Central Legal Aid Sub-Council of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad publishes this report every month based on the saved information of paper clippings of incidents published in 16 daily national newspapers of the country.


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