Science students succeed in BCS

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বিসিএস পরীক্ষায় অংশগ্রহণে শিক্ষার্থী

Although the number of humanities students participating in the BCS examination is higher, the science students are ahead in the recruitment recommendations. A review of the steps from last 41st and 43rd BCS applications to recommendation for recruitment shows that candidates from humanities are more in number as applicants but candidates from science are more among the recommended candidates. After reviewing the results, it was found that the science department alone is ahead; If we add other branches of science including medicine and engineering, it can be seen that 65 percent of the passers are students of science department. Also, singles are getting recommended more than married ones.

A review of the 2023 annual report of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) revealed such information. The annual report was presented to Parliament on the first day of the second session of the 12th National Parliament on Thursday. Analyzing the discipline-wise data of the 41st BCS examination, it has been found that out of 4 lakh 4 thousand 513 candidates, 1 lakh 52 thousand 492 candidates (37.60 percent), science department candidates 91 thousand 534 (22.57 percent), business education department candidates out of 4 lakh 4 thousand 513 candidates. 87 thousand 828 (21.65 percent), engineering department candidates 36 thousand 98 (8.90 percent), medical science candidates 22 thousand 715 (5.60 percent) and other department candidates 13 thousand 846 (3.41 percent) people. Candidates from humanities department are the most among the applied candidates followed by science department candidates.

Out of the 21 thousand 56 candidates who passed the preliminary test, 6 thousand 830 (32.44 percent) of humanities department, 6 thousand 500 (30.87 percent) of science department, 2 thousand 565 (12.18 percent) of business education department, candidates of engineering department 2 One thousand 954 (14.03 percent), medical science candidates 998 (4.74 percent) and other categories candidates 1 thousand 209 (5.74 percent) people. Among those who have cleared the preliminary test, humanities department is at the first position and science department is at the second position.

Among the 13,000 candidates who passed the written exam, 3,746 (28.82 percent) candidates from the humanities department, 4,249 (32.68 percent) science department candidates, 1,542 (11.86 percent) business education department candidates, 2,000 engineering department candidates. 235 (17.19 percent), 428 (3.29 percent) medical department candidates and 800 (6.15 percent) other department candidates. Among the candidates who passed the written test, science department has the highest number and humanities department is second.

Out of the 2,516 candidates who were recommended after giving the oral test at the end of the two-stage examination, 588 (23.37 percent) were from the Humanities Department, 911 (36.21 percent) from the Science Department, 226 (8.98 percent) from the Business Education Department, 426 (8.98 percent) from the Engineering Department. 16.93 percent), 297 from medical sciences (11.80 percent) and 68 from other departments (2.70 percent).

According to the results, among the recommended candidates, science department candidates are the most (36.21 percent). If other disciplines of science are added, this rate stands at 64.94 percent.

Among the 4 lakh 42 thousand 831 candidates who applied for the 43rd BCS exam, 1 lakh 64 thousand 58 (40.56 percent) of humanities, 1 lakh 2 thousand 18 (25.22 percent) of science department, 16 thousand 823 (23.94 percent) of business education department ), 47 thousand 315 (10.68 percent) of engineering department, 15 thousand 665 (3.54 percent) of medical science and 16 thousand 952 (3.83 percent) of other departments.

Humanities at 43rd highest and science at second position as per BCS 41st.

Among the 15 thousand 229 candidates who passed the preliminary test, 4 thousand 700 (30.86 percent) of humanities, 4 thousand 749 (31.18 percent) of science, 1 thousand 862 (12.23 percent) of business education, 2 thousand 518 (16 percent) of engineering department 53 percent), 403 (2.65 percent) of medical science and 997 (6.55 percent) of other departments. In the preliminary test, the humanities category is higher at 41st, but the candidates of science category are at the first position at 43rd.

Out of the 9,840 candidates who passed the written test, 2,510 (25.51 percent) were from Humanities Department, 3,269 (33.22 percent) candidates from Science Department, 1,157 (11.76 percent) from Business Education Department, Engineering Department 1 thousand 918 (19.49 percent), 299 (3.04 percent) medical science and 687 (6.98 percent) other departments.

Candidates from science department have the highest number of candidates who have passed the written test in the sequence of preliminary test.

Out of the 2,163 candidates recommended in the 43rd BCS examination, 517 (23.90 percent), 825 (38.14 percent), 825 (38.14 percent), 177 (8.18 percent), business education, and 499 (23.07 percent) candidates from the engineering department. , medical science candidates 100 (4.62 percent) and other department candidates 45 (2.08 percent). Candidates from science department are the most recommended candidates (38.14 percent). If other disciplines of science are added, this rate stands at 65.83 percent.

Comparatively singles are more successful

The unmarried are ahead of the married among the scorers in the coveted BCS exam. Singles from last five BCS result statistics


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