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What is the reason for breaking up with Shantanu?

April 29, 2024
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She is the daughter of South entertainment megastar Kamal Haasan. She is famous not only as an actress, but also as a singer. But apart from professional life, fans are constantly curious about Shruti Haasan’s personal life as well.

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Shruti was in a relationship with Assam’s popular illustrator Shantanu Hazarika for the past 4 years. Sometimes Shruti used to share pictures of them together on social media. They lived together. Rumors of their marriage are also heard recently. But, Shruti-Shantanu’s relationship suddenly broke. Shrati has deleted all pictures and posts with Shantanu on social media. It is heard that their love broke up a couple of months ago.

Image of Shruti Hassan and Santanu Hazarika Breakup

Earlier, Shruti was full of praise for Shantanu all the time. However, both Shruti and Shantanu were reluctant to marry. Talking about marriage with Shruti, Shantanu said, “I don’t believe in the institution of marriage. I don’t want anyone to limit my artistry. And any relationship evolves over time. Me and Shruti are good about ourselves. I am not thinking about marriage right now.

Image of Shruti-Haasan Husband

Shruti had a slightly similar opinion. However, it is heard that the problem of understanding between the two has suddenly arisen. That’s why they got separated. Although Shruti did not comment on the love breakup. He is spending this time with his sister Akshara. At least if you look at the social media page of the actress, there is such an indication.

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