Why did Modi suddenly start attacking Muslims?

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Image of Modi against Indian Muslims

In India, seven phases of voting are being conducted in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have chosen to campaign as saviors of Hindu interests. It is made clear that protecting the interests of the Hindus means keeping them safe from the Muslims.

According to Modi and the BJP, the opposition Congress is conspiring with the Muslims against the majority Hindus. Its main objective is to take away the wealth and rights of the Hindus and hand them over to the Muslims. For this, Hindus are in danger in Indian territory.

Muslims are harase in india

Narendra Modi said at an election rally in the state of Rajasthan last Sunday, ‘If the opposition comes to power, they will take away the property of Hindus. Those who have more children will be given that property.’ Modi made this comment clearly referring to Muslims. He also called Muslims ‘infiltrators’ in Indian territory.

Such a statement of the Prime Minister has created anger in the hearts of many in India. Terming Modi’s comments as ‘hate speech’, many citizens and rights organizations across India have written to the Election Commission to take strict action against him (Modi).

Rights group People’s Union of Civil Liberties says Narendra Modi should be disqualified for openly inciting communalism.


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